6SIDE Showcases Northwest Talent

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6SIDE Showcases Northwest Talent

6SIDE is a Seattle native who uses his platform to showcase Hip-Hop music throughout the Northwest area. He initially started sharing independent artists music as a hobby, yet following the overflow of artist reaching out to him, he knew this is something he wanted to continue.

When asked what does he love about being a blogger, 6SIDE responded “One thing I love about being a blogger is helping the artist showcasing their talent to the world for the free 99. I’m not going to charge an artist if I want them on my platform and I think they’re dope. I think that’s backwards ya know, I really want to establish relationships with these artist.”

As far as deciding on which artists will be featuted on his platform, 6SIDE likes to listen to the song, if the vibe is right, he will play it again and dissect the song so he can edit it and try put the best or catchy lyrics from that song on his platform. He gains inspiration from vladtv and saycheesetvv due to the content they display. If you want to check out upcoming artist in the Northwest area, be sure to follow 6SIDE on Instagram!

Instagram: 6side_music_vibez 

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