YPC JP Is A Star On The Rise

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YPC JP Is A Star On The Rise

YPC JP is an independent artist whose name stands for Young Paper Chaser. What started off as a lifelong dream has finally turned into a reality and YPC JP is embracing every moment. The Bronx native relies on music not only as a way of expressing herself, but it has also gotten her through all the hardships in her life. With the hopes of being an international artist, YPC JP also hopes to inspire others and give people hope when they listen to her music. She states, “I want to be a positive influence and leave my legacy on the music industry forever.”

When asked where her musical inspiration comes from, YPC JP responded “My musical inspiration comes from Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, and Jennifer Hudson. They are the ones who taught me so much analyzing them, this is where I get my soulful inspiration from. Kehlani and Rihanna have had a big influence on my music presently.”

In the next five years, YPC JP pictures herself on many tours, with many albums done, and hopefully some awards! She also hopes to have a big fanbase by then and can interact with them. Her overall goal is to inspire people and change their whole life. YPC JP is currently working on her next single along with 6 duets with YPC Saint. They are changing the duet game and she is very excited to share with her fans. Her newest single “Bad Dayz” is out now and you can listen below!

Instagram: JP2Official17

YouTube:  YPC JP-Topic

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