Young Entrepreneur Jervel Plaisir Wants Independent Artists To Be Heard Through New Platform

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Young Entrepreneur Jervel Plaisir Wants Independent Artists To Be Heard Through New Platform

Meet Jervel Plaisir — a young entrepreneur who is ready to change the game with his emerging platform. He’s the founder of a new streaming platform called Wave Entertainment and he’s shedding light on a new narrative that will allow artists to no longer have to fight for the spotlight. The mission and vision behind Wave Entertainment’s purpose is clear: for independent artists to be heard.

Plaisir, CEO of Wave Entertainment, believes that life “is only as good as you make it.” This motto is the reason that Plaisir considers himself an entrepreneur today. He says that he possesses the skills that are needed to be able to start and succeed at running a company.

“Marketing, communication, and salesmanship are the three pillars that will propel the success of one’s endeavors,” Plaisir said.

He continued by adding that being an entrepreneur is by no means an easy journey, and that there are days when he feels like there is “no light at the end of the tunnel,” but nonetheless, his persistence, consistency, and resilience pave the way for the road ahead of him.

Wave Entertainment was born out of the idea that some rising and independent artists lack the proper resources to be heard by the masses, but still deserve to be heard. Wave Entertainment is essentially a streaming platform who’s goal is to help artists gain maximum exposure for their music.

“Labels and management teams have millions of dollars for marketing and artist development, which overshadow the artists who do not have the same resources but deserve to be heard,” Plaisir said. “Being an entrepreneur is not always fun, but being able to create something of my own that is helping someone else, makes me happy and motivated to continue on this journey.”

One of the main motivations that inspired Plaisir to start this platform is because he wanted to provide more opportunities for emerging artists. He’s looking to create a platform that is not only focused on streaming, but also build a brand that has a lasting impact and changes the lives of independent and emerging artists everywhere.

“Wave Entertainment will be the pioneer in changing the outlook and remove the shadow that of peripheral artists face on our competitor platforms that are geared to artists who are backed significantly by music industry influencers,” he continued. “We are focusing on creating a community where each individual helps one another get better, to network, become more professional, and get to that next level.”

You can keep up with Jervel Plaisir on social media below, and stay tuned for updates regarding Wave Entertainment.

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