Will Evans Blends Buoyant Pop Melodies & Country Rhythms in “Already Gone”

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Will Evans Blends Buoyant Pop Melodies & Country Rhythms in “Already Gone”

Lifelong surfer & environmentalist Will Evans utilizes his musical platform to speak to the importance of human connection and protecting our planet. During turbulent times, we are looking for inspiration & reassurance, which is why he projects nothing but positivity and genuine curiosity into what really matters in this world. In his new hit “Already Gone”, we witness a reflection of contrast between what matters to the ego and what actually matters in the grand scheme of things. Riddled with the desire to compare ourselves to others, “Already Gone” explores a constant need for validation that is brilliantly represented on screen in his official music video. Represented by a woman on a horse, we observe the way she is just barely out of reach for the entirety of the storyline, proving that the desire for validation is simply an endless chase.

Having spent the last decade of his life as the frontman for New England Roots Rock band Barefoot Truth, Evans’ solo work thrives as he has released three full length albums, performing for sold out crowds across both the US and Europe. Displaying a tehcnical mastery of live-looping during his dhows, he plays the didgeridoo, ‘hand pan’ drum, percussive beatboxing, acoustic guitar among layers of soulful vocals.

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