Who is Frederick Daniel Emmerson?

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Who is Frederick Daniel Emmerson?

This artist is taking it back in time with his style. He is an Urban Pop artist who draws heavily from R&B. He says he wants to put love back into love songs, and to make sure people have a good time and are inspired when listening to his music. He wants his fans to reminisce about good memories when listening to his lyrics. He is an independent artist working from his own company, Urban Pop Music & Film. He is also an dancer and an actor. He is Frederick Daniel Emmerson!

Emmerson was a former boy band member of “DNA” from Colombus, Ohio, who went by the name of Freddy P, but decided to use his government name once he became a solo artist, dancer, and actor in Los Angeles. He knew he was destined to be a performer since he had his very first performance during his high school Homecoming assembly. He even opened up a couple of shows for Aaron Carter on his Troubadour tour! While part of DNA, he said that he would have to stand out somehow as the youngest band member, so he would earn his lead spots with his choreography. As far as writing his own music, Emmerson says he writes about 95% of it due to collaborating with other writers. He feels that collaboration is important in the learning process and says, “If you ain’t learning, you ain’t earning.”

Artists that inspire Frederick Daniel Emmerson are Usher, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Phora- definitely not bad artists to admire! Emmerson says that he listens to a lot of R&B as well as other genres when prepping for a new project, but stops listening to music altogether when it is actually time to hop into the studio. Recording music is very therapeutic for him, but feels a different type of pressure than other artists. Coming from a very musically inclined family, Emmerson feels that he constantly has to put his best foot forward and create his own wave, rather than ride one that is already existing. He does get compared to top artists such as The Dream and Omarion, but says he would rather just be himself.

Frederick Daniel Emmerson has released 5 EPs to date- Love/Hurt (2008), Incredible (2010), Frederick (2012). Freddie P vs Frederick Daniel (2014), Urban Pop (2016), and his debut album, Freddie Playboy, in January 2020. While he is also working on his next album titled, Gemini, take a listen to his latest release, Freddie Playboy, on all streaming platforms! The track “Can I Love You” featuring Jamell Pierre is found below. You can clearly hear those late 80s and early 90s R&B sounds, such as New Edition and Jon B.

After surviving the Valley Fever and having to go through multiple life-saving procedures, this man has some GOALS for 2020! Frederick Daniel Emmerson plans to continue dropping visuals for his Freddie Playboy album, get into production on the “Late Knight” movie directed by Josh Mabie, and finish his book, “Confessions of a Former Boy Band Member.” He wants to leave you with this thought: “No setback is permanent, as as long as you have the vision and faith, you can get through anything.”

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