Vigalanty Reminds Us “We All We Got”

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Vigalanty Reminds Us “We All We Got”

Vigalanty is an artist who was born and raised in Florida. He started making music around the age of 12 that was the start of his love for music. His genre is rap, but he dives into all genres of music. You could describe his sound as different types of emotions and realness. Vigalanty has many records that have a feel-good vibe to it and he also has records that have shown his feelings.

When asked if he could collab with one person in the industry who would it be, Vigalanty responded “I’ll probably say Adele on whatever record she wanted to do but I’m thinking more of an EDM dance track. She has such a beautiful voice and seeing her story when she first came out is amazing and seems to be down to earth.”

Aside from music, Vigalanty likes to direct music videos and he is also a personal trainer. What he enjoys most about being a musician is that he has the power to excite people, make them laugh, and dance. He is currently working on shooting the video for his single, “We All We Got,” and you can listen to his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: vigalantyworld

YouTube: VigalantyWorld

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