Up-and-Coming Director akaBeto Is Next Up

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Up-and-Coming Director akaBeto Is Next Up

An up-and-coming talent akaBeto is a director who is skilled at editing and directing music videos. The Riverside-based director is capable of bringing artist visions to life and executing something that is beyond what is expected.

When asked why he is passionate about pursuing a career as a director, akaBeto responded that it is because he wants the world to see his creativity. It is no wonder that he is inspired by other creatives like Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett, who is known for starting out shooting videos in his hometown and became one of the most notable directors of today. akaBeto is not afraid to take his talents of being able to direct and edit to the next level. In fact, he has some projects in the works that you can be on the lookout for soon.

You can check out an example of his work below. In the meantime, keep up with akaBeto on Instagram @akabetooo!

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