Truphy: The Power Within Music Itself

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Truphy: The Power Within Music Itself

Written By: Juniece Daniels

Through Truphy’s eyes, being a musician has been an awe-sprinting endless experience. The whole process of working and creating music with others, and has this profound ability to touch people’s lives and give them hope and enjoyment. After completing two albums and one EP, Trophy is almost done for the world to hear his third album. Since day one, he has sought to make his music elevate and motivate others. For him to not be bound by a certain genre or aspect of music, is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to making music to push listeners to feel something. He wants his songs to be an outlet for others, just like how it was for him. Take a listen, you can catch him on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube.

Do you write, produce, and engineer your own music? 

I write all my music. I co-produce on tracks but I work with producers like rich the fire starter, Hyphy, 2k, antbeatz, and more HDMG rich been my engineer and main producer 

Where do you draw your inspiration from when you’re working on new music?

Growing up in the hood we see a lot of shit did a lot of shit right or wrong so being able to have real-life experience for sure draws that inspiration. There are other artists growing up listening to hearing them talk about going through something like me inspires me as well. I make references to a lot of movies and books I read or watch I do draw inspiration from some of them growing up in the hood was the only way to experience and see other shit besides what’s going on in the hood honestly anything good or bad can give me that inspiration.

What is the best piece of advice you received? From who?

From the jacka he said the only people out here doing it is the people doing it, you can’t say you something or want something and you not making shit happen you gotta believe in yourself and go for it cuz how can you think you the better rapper but you ain’t rapping or don’t have any songs or nothing.

Instagram: truphy1

YouTube: True Real

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