Touchdown Juice Set to Start Dropping New Music this October from his Over-100 Song Catalog

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Touchdown Juice Set to Start Dropping New Music this October from his Over-100 Song Catalog

Touchdown Juice, out of Ohio, brings the heat with sounds mixed from all the different regions of the United States that he has lived in, such as the South, the Midwest, and the West Coast. The independent artist’s music definitely reflects the Hip-Hop and Rap culture from all three of those regions.

He is inspired by the great three: women, weed, and weather. He explains, “When you smoke good, have good company and good weather its hard to be in a bad mood. Unless one of those three happens to be a bad experience then the darker songs get created from that type of vibe. It’s all about energy and your state of mind when it’s time to create. I make different music when I only drink, only smoke, or sip.” He stands out from other artists due to the fact that he does not talk about things that he does not know about. His music paints a true picture of the life that he really lives.

Touchdown Juice strives to impact people, especially oppressed people of color. With his music, he hopes to create “mood changes” to bring joy to those in a negative mood. He gives glory to God saying, ” I want to inspire the hustlers every where, the ones who understand that if you proceed to progress you will be successful in whatever you put your mind to. Although life presents its challenges, I believe that God never puts more on our plate than we can handle.”

Touchdown Juice recently released his latest single, “Havin’ Plenty,” featuring Skywalker OG, who produces for Moneybagg Yo. In just 9 short months, Touchdown Juice has accumulated over 200,000 streams on Spotify over his nine released singles.

What’s next for Touchdown Juice? Tons of visual content! Touchdown Juice has over 100 songs in the works and is preparing for the right time to share them with you all starting this October! He also has two EPs and one album fully completed!

Keep up with Touchdown Juice on:

  • IG: @touchdownjuice
  • Facebook: Julius Cartwright (personal page)
  • YouTube Channel: Touchdown Juice
  • TikTok: @touchdownjuice
  • Snapchat: @juicestayslive
  • Twitter: @JuiceTouchdown

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