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Written By: Faith Pina

J. Anthny is an up-and-coming singer, writer, producer, and engineer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is ready be the next number one.

“You Make Me Better” is his new single, which will debut on December 9th. Having performed with many solid artists before, J. Anthny is on the right track to stardom, but he has many aspirations about what comes next. “I want to be right there along side Blxst especially being on the same label with him.”

When he describes his image he tells listeners “my image is really simple, loud! Not in the way of color but I go against the grain typically, so I’m not wearing what a normal RnB singer would wear.” To stick out from the crowd and have a presence in the music community, you need to have your own niche, and J. Anthny has got it. Check out his Instagram @J.Anth and give him a follow.

J. Anthny puts a lot of time and emotion into his music, and it’s the biggest outlet for him. “Music has been there for me in every situation, especially at my lowest when I felt I had to go through my struggles alone. I would just write and that always put me in the best mood.” He wants to spread his found hope, and had frequently visited group homes, which he also had spent most of his childhood in.

10 singles are out along with two EPs, he poured his heart into his music, and we are excited to have had the chance to interview him. Do not forget to go listen to all of his music, you are going to love this unique style. Check him out at the link below.

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