The Jared Stout Band Release New Single “Cost”

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The Jared Stout Band Release New Single “Cost”

Accompanied by a dynamic music video, “Cost” has proven to be one of The Jared Stout Band’s most impactful hits yet. A song about a complex and unexpected love story, we are enthralled with the high powered visuals that explain the narrative in a way that lyrics can only portray on paper. Directed and produced by Jamie Neighbors of Boss Motion Pictures, they follow a night in the life of a blue collar worker who meets the girl of his dreams at a bar. Presenting unexpected twists and turns of events, we follow a love story about a man who finds love way out of his league. Engaging and lust-driven, the track was originally released as part of the band’s most recent album “Heavy from the Sky”. Now paired with a visual, The Jared Stout Band continues to deliver fans exactly what they’re looking for – relatable music, high-powered visuals and personable storylines that can be applied to a wide range of life’s ups and downs.

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