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Watch Out for G Premacy! The New Yorker has a new album on the way.

G Premacy is a standout artist from Buffalo, New York that has put in more than a decade worth of work to be where he is at today. From touring the U.S. to receiving “Colorado’s Solo Artist of the Year” it wasn’t luck that got the independent artist this far. His persistence, patience, perspective, and…
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New York’s Got A Wave Of Their Own!

New York Native Wave Matthews wants his fans to know that he is a real smooth, down to earth, low key artist that really brings a different sound every time he drops a new track no matter what genre he tackles. His passion for music began at a young age when his curiosity led him to…
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Catch up with Brismoneyy!

Born and Raised in the Brox, New York, Brismoneyy is a man for the CITY! The up-and-coming rapper has a mission to take his music career to the top while helping his community and other aspiring artists as well. This year he launched his own record label called Always Chasing Chicken LLC to give aspiring…
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Drake Previewed Unreleased Music On IG Live With OVO Mark

Quarantine might not be so bad after all. Its not often that Drake gives us a preview of any of his unreleased music. However, late last night Drake was feeling a little different when he hopped on IG live with OVO Mark and started previewing tack after track. One of the records included a potential…
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