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CliffBado Brings New Energy With ‘We Move’ EP

Afrobeats artist Cliffbado recently dropped off a new EP called ‘We Move,’ which is out now on all platforms. The two-track project features singles “Rules Us Well” and “Pull Up.” “Rules Us Well” is a politically charged track about the artist’s concerns with the restrictive and oppressive nature of the government (SARS), while the latter track is…
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Cliffbado Drops Hot New Song “JOJO”

If you haven’t heard Cliffbado‘s new single “JOJO,” you’re missing out! The independent afrobeat artist from Lagos, Nigeria (based in Houston, Texas) has just shared the new track and it’s available to listen to on all streaming platforms. The upbeat track showcases Cliffbado’s sound and ability as an afrobeat artist. The track can be described…
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