T-Divinci Is The Female Rapper Who’s Next Up

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T-Divinci Is The Female Rapper Who’s Next Up

Seriously, T-Divinci breathes fire ever time she spits beats.

She channels her inner Lil Kim and shows her melodic chops with her recent single “I Miss You,” which proves her ability to appeal to teens and adults alike with its subject matter of heartbreak, moving on, and missing someone.

For those who are not familiar with her sound, her unique flow can be described as a blend between Tupac and Kanye West meeting Lil Kim. T-Divinci keeps things raw and honest in all her raps, as she shares her story with the world to hear.

In addition, standout songs such as “New Benz” and “YRM” show how T-Dvinci can dominate multiple different sounds and flows. One project that she has done in the past that she is most proud of, would be her second mixtape called Against All Fraudz, where she believes she proved how she could really spit. T-Divinci is putting herself on the map as someone to watch out for in the future.

When asked about what some of her music career goals are for the future, T-Divinci said that her main goal is to “top Billboard and be the first female rapper to successfully run her own record label.”

With her creative bars and witty wordplay, T-Divinci undoubtedly has a promising future ahead of her. She is someone with a lot of potential and you wont want to miss what she has coming out for 2021.

Follow her on Instagram @tdivinci for more!

Stream her latest single “I Miss You” below.

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