Symphonic Distribution Partners with Popular Tully App to Help Elevate Independent Artists

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Symphonic Distribution Partners with Popular Tully App to Help Elevate Independent Artists

Leading music distributor Symphonic Distribution is ready to announce yet another ground-breaking partnership with popular music songwriter & management platform Tully. By working with Tully, Symphonic is helping to elevate independent artists as an organic extension of Tully’s already established artists’ tools. Having very recently partnered with the legendary Dallas Austin’s distribution company, Symphonic continues to prove its willingness to collaborate with other leading music tech companies in order to uplift artists on an international scale. Founded by tech entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi and notable rapper Joyner Lucas, Tully provides the artist community with the tools that they need to manage their music releases from beginning to end. Offering everything from split sheet templates to publishing and licensing support, Tully is now ready to amplify its product offering through the Symphonic partnership, offering artists yet another necessary tool to assist with releasing music.

“As an artist who created his own path through the industry, I value the contributions of the team around me. I am excited about Tully’s partnership with Symphonic because it is an opportunity for artists on our platform to get the team they need for distribution and to succeed without losing their independence,” says co-founder and Chief Creative Office, Joyner Lucas.

“Tully was always developed with a desire to help artists achieve success on their own terms. Partnering with Symphonic is an important step in the evolution of Tully into an end-to-end solution that not only provides creators with access to songwriting & management tools but also distribution. I believe we have some of the best tools in the music industry. ” says Dhruv Josh, co-founder and CEO of Tully. 

Tully allows artists a platform where they are able to take their ideas and put them into one single creative space. The seamless communication channel keeps ideas organized, giving artists a foundational tool to not only collaborate but to build a strong release strategy for their music. With high quality distribution playing a major role in the music release process, the synergy with Symphonic is sure to be the icing on the cake. The two companies align on doing everything they can to make sure artists maintain control of their work. And during a time when so many artists are still in quarantine, platforms like Tully and Symphonic help to facilitate remote work by bringing artists’ music to the masses without them ever having to leave their homes. The game-changing partnership takes both companies to new heights by offering artists the tools that they need in order to remain financially successful while being independent of a record label.

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