Stream “Emotional” by Chinelo x Rax

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Stream “Emotional” by Chinelo x Rax

Rax and Chinelo are both Georgia residents, swiftly and discerningly coming up in Black Hollywood for a multitude of skills. But most recently, both creatives have been at the start of individually launching their careers as professional recording artists. Coming together to create a new collaborative track called “Emotional”, the pair bounce off of one another in this new ‘heartbreak hotel’ type of vibe. Both performing melodically on the new single, they go sonically well together.

Rax is initially an entrepreneur, as well as, Chinelo who is popularly known for being a pageant participant and more. The best part of being creative is there are no bounds or limitations. Even though both artists are renowned for things separate from music and entertainment, they’re both coming into the game swinging with “Emotional” as the perfect first impression. For those new to both Rax and/or Chinelo, be sure to stream the single below:

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