Speedyville Nardy Brings That Heat In His Music

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Speedyville Nardy Brings That Heat In His Music

Speedyvillle Nardy is an artist creates that BraveHeart Musik!!! As an artist who is fresh and new to the scene, he likes to speak on his life experiences, surroundings, and lifestyle. One of his favorite memories while being in the industry was having the opportunity to meet Lil Wayne.

When asked why is giving back to the community important, Speedyville Nardy responded “I really can’t speak for others but, I’ve been providing and assisting many w/o!!! Helping, being an inspiration, leading by examples, good character, determination, self-preservation, and being supportive.”

What separates Speedyville Nardy from the rest is he makes that feel-good music while still genuinely being himself. Some advice he can give to those wanted to start their music career is “Do whatsoever the Soul, Body, Heart, and Mind chooses! Be YOU! NEVER STOP!” He is currently working on new music and you can tap in with him on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: speedyville728

YouTube: speedyville nardy

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