Sam The Sentient Is Here To Remind You To “Get Back Up”

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Sam The Sentient Is Here To Remind You To “Get Back Up”

Sam The Sentient is an upcoming artist who makes music that is a spiritual, conscious Hip-Hop. He started his music journey last October and has been consistent ever since. Sam writes his own music and finds inspiration from his life experiences, self-help books, and life itself. Aside from music, he enjoys meditating and yoga.

When asked what does he enjoy most about being a musician, Sam The Sentient responded “I enjoy expressing true, authentic self.”

As an independent artist, Sam believes that you should listen to his music because he has a message to share with his listeners. With his mom being one of his biggest motivators, he s determined to make her proud. He recently released his track “Get Back Up” and you can stream his music on all platforms! 

Instagram: samthesentient

YouTube: Sam The Sentinent

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