R&B Artist Bianca Jade Drops Empowering Anthem”Pressure”

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R&B Artist Bianca Jade Drops Empowering Anthem”Pressure”

If you’re a Mariah fan. A Beyonce fan. And shoot – just a fan of quality R&B jams, you will LOVE Miami-born, Charlotte-based artist Bianca Jade. Having performed with icons such as Jordin Sparks and Talib Kweli, Jade has solidified her professional status in the industry with a versatile set of refreshing talent; her new single “Pressure” encourages women everywhere to be confident and to speak their mind. The sex positive anthem keeps you dancing from beginning to end as Bianca’s captivating vocal styles mesmerize lovers of both new and old school R&B.

In the video, we are introduced to Bianca in an iconic, Mariah Carey-inspired butterfly top and an attitude that kicks the song off on a confident note. The butterflies symbolize the beauty of coming out of your shell (or rather, cocoon) as well as the blossoming journey of self-development. In the beginning sequence, she dances in front of purple silk, nodding to a creative lens motivated by Beyonce’s popular hit “Check On It”. We quickly bounce from here to a scene driven by masculine energy, where Bianca sits around a poker table, calling the shots. Lyrics like “Would you show your hands? Do you hold books?

Before we give it all away….why don’t you watch it for yourselves!! Give “Pressure” a watch and empower yourself today with the dynamic vocal stylings of Bianca Jade (visit Instagram here to learn more).

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