Rax Unveils New R&B Single “U&I”

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Rax Unveils New R&B Single “U&I”

Jumpstarting any career in entertainment can be a challenge for many, because being a creative is in the same category as being an entrepreneur. You have to work hard, smart and garner a list of clientele and opportunities. Rising Douglasville, GA native artist Rax has always had the gift of being both creative and business-savvy. He recently released his new single “U&I” — which has garnered over 27,000 streams and counting on Spotify. 

The people definitely like “U&I” and it is also ironic, being as though the single is the first solo piece of content we have seen Rax release. A touch of both R&B and Hip-Hop, with a pop twist, “U&I” is a definite catchy hit. With only 3 singles and more stellar content to come, Rax is ready to tap into the airwaves in 2022. Make sure to stream U&I below:

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