Quest LA Introduces a New Sound with “Taking No Breaks”

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Quest LA Introduces a New Sound with “Taking No Breaks”

LA-based Hip Hop artist Quest LA is taking no breaks in his captivating new single, out on all streaming platforms today! Stepping out of his comfort zone, the new artist continues to allow his sound to evolve. Channeling the ‘wearing all hats’ independent artist mentality, Quest delivers a song that reels listeners in with it’s instrumental and hooks them with relatable, honest content. The lifestyle of an independent artist is no joke and it can be a lot of stress. But Quest feels like a total pro both lyrically and business-wise. He’s got this in the bag!

About Quest LA: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Quest LA has always been surrounded by industry talent. But by prioritizing authenticity and true lyrical Hip Hop, he stands out in a way that proves to be a breath of fresh air for the industry. Coming off of a string of successful EP releases, “Taking No Breaks” adds versatility and mainstream appeal to his impressive music catalog. Diverse in its nature, Quest LA’s music appeals to listeners of both Hip Hop and R&B. His ultimate goal is to speak from a place of vulnerability in order to motivate other artists to speak their truth and to manifest career goals through his beloved poetic lyricism.

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