Quarantine Records Puts Pontiac On The Map

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Quarantine Records Puts Pontiac On The Map

Quarantine records is a team of five talented artists which include Mark Fay, Laws, Kandra, QB Raww, and Dryce. The Michigan natives gained their name from the pandemic, of course. With everything being shut down, they had nothing to do, but get in the studio and make music. Their genre is mostly Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B but everyone has their own lane and style.

Quarantine Records likes to draw inspiration mostly from personal experiences and they like to make music that is real and authentic. You get everything when it comes to their music – dance music, relationships, everyday life, streets, pain, and love.

When asked what do they enjoy most about being artists, Quarantine Records responded “The best part of being a musician is how creative we get to be and letting others see how creative we can be. It’s fun.”

A personal accomplishment for them is receiving radio airplay, along with one of their songs was used as an MMA entrance song. They look up to people in positions that they want to be in due to the fact that are already there. Just show them how and they will make the way.

They are all currently working on their personal EPs. Mark Fay is working on F.A.Y-F** All Yall. Kandra is working on Hoover Lane. Laws is working on Street Laws. QB Raww is working on Raww Emotion. Their projects are set to be released in 2021 and be sure to check out their music on all platforms!







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