Pop Artist Stewart Arp Releases Visual for “Hazel”

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Pop Artist Stewart Arp Releases Visual for “Hazel”

As you may imagine, Stewart Arp’s new single “Hazel” is inspired by love, but unfortunately – this love was lost. A heartfelt story about a failed relationship, “Hazel” is a tearjerker, but one that we want to watch again and again. Stewart Arp is a newly discovered Chicago-based pop artist and we are here for it. His stunning vocal delivery and sad boy vibes draw listeners in and once they tune into his strong storytelling…well…they’re hooked! His cinematic instrumentation makes his music perfect for film or TV. Netflix…here’s your guy!! When he’s not playing with his pet geckos, Arp can be found charming fans on TikTok or leading the charge for Chicago-based rock band ZORILA. Truly shining in his solo moments, it’s safe to say that we’re new fans and “Hazel” ends his year on a sad…but high note!

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