Philadelphia Rapper Sekhi Unveils New Album SEKHI Radio

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Philadelphia Rapper Sekhi Unveils New Album SEKHI Radio

Philadelphia is known to be a musically rich vicinity, and rising artist Sekhi is definitely revving up the engine with the release of his new album titled SEKHI Radio. An ode to being a personalized playlist for Sekhi’s supporters and newcomers, the 16-track collective is definitely a good stream. Full of timeless and authentic tracks, stories and lyrics, the Philadelphia native put some time and dedication into the new body of work, and it is surely shouldn’t go unnoticed. With highlighted songs like “Racks”, “Melody” and more, SEKHI Radio has the potential to garner a larger base of listeners throughout the fourth quarter of the year.

Preparing for more consistent releases of music and content, Sekhi is aiming to continue expanding his base of supporters. Listeners and newcomers have a lot to work with when it comes to the full body release of SEKHI Radio, and there is definitely much more to come throughout the coming weeks and months. For those new to Sekhi, SEKHI Radio is a great first listen. Be sure to stream the new album below:

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