Only ONE Jame

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Only ONE Jame

Written By: Hey Shaylan

In a world filled with plenty of people who share the same name, there’s only one Jame, or  OnlyJame. Born in Chicago, now currently living in L.A., OnlyJame is scratching the surface of the music industry. “I want to continue to grow beyond things I can imagine so I can’t tell you where I want to be,” he says, with desires of living off the income his music will bring. 

Using his own life as inspiration, OnlyJame is an artist that you’ll have a hard time trying to box into one category. “I am a free-spirited artist who isn’t afraid to express the ugly and beautiful sides of emotions that I experienced in life,” he quotes, “If you listen to my music, you wouldn’t  be able to legitimately fit me in a certain genre.” In addition to the goal of having his song  “Wasteful” go mainstream, OnlyJame would like to use his platform to influence others to grow as individuals.  

However, being in front of the camera isn’t the only talent he carries. Besides selling out shows,  OnlyJame has shot and edited his own videos, as well as mixed and mastered his own songs. Not to mention, his athletic interest in sports. As an independent artist, he’s realized that this industry is not one of the easiest to pursue but is still worth it. “You have to truly dedicate yourself to this  

In an unconventional way. This is your life,” he states, “That means you will lose people; you will feel alone a lot of the time, and to top it off, it’s a very shady and competitive business. But  for me, I thrive in the face of challenge and competition.”  

Living by two quotes, the first being “You can NOT care what people, think no matter what. If you do, someone will not like you or support your actions. Be you so you can clearly see the  people you need to give energy to.” And the second statement, “You have to live with yourself, so you can’t be out here living someone else’s life, you have to look in the mirror before you go to bed or when you wake up,” it is certain that OnlyJame is content with being his own person.  

With projects soon to come, OnlyJame believes he has something for everyone. “I think my music is something you can relate to, nowadays more than ever people feel alienated and it’s nice to know you’re not the only one going through it, good or bad,” he says. To hear more from  OnlyJame use the credentials below! 


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YouTube: OnlyJame  

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