Nokki Cabrera’s “La Vida” Visual Is A Must Watch

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Nokki Cabrera’s “La Vida” Visual Is A Must Watch

With her first project Trap Salsa, up-and-coming musician Nokki Cabrera has made her formal debut into the music industry. Cabrera’s EP serves as an expression and melding of her two cultures as a first-generation Cuban-American, with her music combining classic salsa with a trap basis. Now, she’s back with a gorgeous video for “La Vida,” showcasing her talent in a whole new light.

During a recent interview, the Tampa, Florida native explained, “Trap Salsa is about love, optimism, living your life to the fullest, recognizing the beauty in everything, and never taking anything for granted.” “I hope that when people hear this project, they feel empowered, accepted, and loved. I want people to feel good about themselves and desire to express themselves in constructive ways.”

Trap Salsa is a wonderful debut effort by Nokki Cabrera that displays her ability, flexibility, and pride in her dual heritage. It’s a beautiful combination of two genres that most listeners haven’t heard at the same time. “Because Spanish is their first language, my parents used to play all kinds of Latin music in the house when I was a kid,” Cabrera recalled. “Because I am a first-generation Cuban-American, I wanted my music to reflect that.” Trap Salsa will appeal to a wide range of people, whether on the dance-inducing “Beso,” where Cabrera becomes flirtatious and seductive, or the drill pounding and horn-infused “Deseo.”

Nokki Cabrera dreamed of a future in music as a child, listening to a variety of great female singers. “With my parents, I’d watch Shakira, Selena, and Rihanna. Always listening to Celia Cruz, I felt like it was my destiny; I wanted to relate to the adoration these powerful and tough women had,” she explained. Cabrera is now establishing her place in the industry and will be an artist to keep an eye on in the future.

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Here’s where you can listen to Trap Salsa. branch=1

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