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Written By: Alex Simani

Born in Greensboro North Carolina artist Jugo Bobbie moved around a lot and now has found his home here in sunny Los Angeles, California. With an authentic image, he comes off to his audience as unique and one of a kind. In an interview with Angie from What’s Poppin LA, Jugo Bobbie reveals that he was born to go down this path. “I was born to do this my father taught us how to play instruments and perform at a very young age my mother always had us singing in the choir she used to write songs as well.. we were our own little band” With a musical background starting at a young age Jugo found a passion and love for music.

His daily motto is “G-d is Good” which has helped him undergo every obstacle he has faced thus far that has made him into the artist he is today.
Jugo Bobbie is also a humanitarian who frequents and dedicates his time to volunteering in shelter and doing whatever he can to make life easier for someone else. In the next 5 years, he hopes to continue his success and get into writing scripts for Tv shows and Movies while still concentrating on his music career. He hopes his music spreads happiness to his fans and that they feel good and really feel the message he tries to send.

To Stream his Music we have provided some links below!

Instagram – jugo_bobbie

Youtube – jugo bobbie now

To get into contact with Jugo – or


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