noaccordion Releases New Album “Curious Soul”

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noaccordion Releases New Album “Curious Soul”

Prepare to ignite your senses and embark on an extraordinary auditory adventure as the Oakland-based electronic producer and performance artist noaccordion invites you to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing realm of her new full length album “Curious Soul.” This eagerly awaited project defies genre limitations, fusing EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, and R&B into a breathtaking tapestry of sound that transcends boundaries and elevates the spirit.

Renowned for amplifying extraordinary voices, Onah Indigo aka noaccordion, orchestrates a symphony of beats that take you on inner journeys of self-discovery. With lyrics that deliver progressive, sex-positive, and universal messages to both the consciousness and the subconscious, “Curious Soul” brings joy, laughter, and irresistible grooves that will set your body in motion.

With its initial conception launching during the pandemic, we witness several singles inspired by isolation, mental health and an endless amount of social and political unrest. All collaborations were conscious choices; teaming up with other artists of the Bay Area music community amplifies a variety of diverse voices and perspectives, inviting you to a realm where curiosity reigns supreme. 

Each track on this album is a portal to self-exploration and open inquiry. From the infectious energy of “Smile Revolution,” featuring the extraordinary Aima of the Dreamer, to the thought-provoking spoken word and hip-hop fusion of “Room to Breathe,” “Curious Soul” empowers listeners to break boundaries, find their voice, and transform anxiety into mindfulness.

Dive deep into the enchanting depths of “Mermaid,” featuring the sensational Grvity, as they challenge societal norms and deliver positive, universal messages that resonate within your consciousness and subconsciousness. Celebrate diversity and self-esteem with “Welcome Diversity,” an anthem of feminine leadership and protest against patriarchy, forging a path toward love, compassion, and creative transformation.

Remember to immerse yourself in the enchanting musical conversation of “Remember,” a collaboration with saQi, where trumpet jazz meets electronica, keeping you in the present moment and nurturing your inner listener. Experience the serenity of “Planet Earth,” where animals come to life through downtempo electronica, stimulating your connection to nature and sparking a sense of inquiry.

“Curious Soul” continues to mesmerize and captivate with tracks like “A Curious Time,” featuring the soulful Ashel Seasunz, a reggae-infused electronica journey, and “Making Waves,” an exuberant accordion-driven circus of playful world beats. Let the vibrant rhythms of “Rainbow Fog” envelop you, providing a joyful interlude and an invitation to embrace self-connection and healthy abundance.

Embark on an ethereal voyage with “Eternally Eternity,” a sublime blend of classical and jazz infused with downtempo electronica, allowing the music to stir emotions and cleanse the soul with its captivating vibrations. Get comfortable with “Getting Comfy,” an accordion-driven downtempo exploration that invites you to embark on an inner journey of self-discovery and gain a deeper understanding of self.

“Curious Soul” by Onah Indigo, a.k.a. noaccordion, is an album that defies conventions and takes listeners on a transformative sonic odyssey.

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