New York Based Artist Stevo Swizzi is Coming for the Hip-Hop Throne

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New York Based Artist Stevo Swizzi is Coming for the Hip-Hop Throne

Hip-Hop artist, Stevo Swizzi, is on the quest to become one of the greatest moguls to ever hit the scene. Stevo Swizzi stands out from other artists because of the way he carries himself. His swag, unmatched sound, and love for life and music is out of this universe. The Brooklyn, New York artist has been compared to heavy hitter artists such as Nas, Jay Z, and Styles P.

Stevo Swizzi was inspired to pursue music since the 5th grade. He recalls writing a couple of verses over a 50 Cent beat, and his cousin encouraging him to keep going after he saw how talented of a writer he was. Stevo Swizzi continues to write his own lyrics to this day. He wrote and recorded his first song with humble beginnings. He hooked up his microphone without a stand, and rapped over Drake’s, “I Get Lonely,” beat. He gained his first fan base following after he posted the track to MySpace at the time. Stevo Swizzi explains, “They told me my style was different and I should continue, and i did that. You can find that first track [under] Stevo Swagg, “I Get Lonely,” on either Soundcloud or Youtube.”

Stevo Swizzi has always gravitated towards music because it is, “…the only friend that’s always there to calm me and put me in a better mood.” Music is the independent artist’s passion because he uses it to release emotion, or uplift his spirits. He uses it as a form of therapy and meditation because it takes his mind, body, and soul to places of joy and creativity.

For Stevo Swizzi, there is no “after music.” Stevo Swizzi sees himself making music until he “rests in peace.” This year, Stevo Swizzi has released a single titled, “Randy/16” which can be found on all major platforms and in the Youtube link below! In his music, you’ll hear a sound that he describes, himself, as “…the most quality, fresh, real, raw, elite, top tier [sound].”

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