New Music: Middmann and Marcel White Drop Off ‘MIDDLE EAST’ EP

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New Music: Middmann and Marcel White Drop Off ‘MIDDLE EAST’ EP

Meet raps new power duo, artist MiddMann and producer Marcel White, who are making a name for themselves with their sleek songs and banging bass. Their new project, MIDDLE EAST, is an abstract 5-track project that showcases both musicians’ tenacity, aptitude, and ecstasy. 

The team has worked together on several singles and even made a visual for their track “Not a Slatt.” The pair have this flair and charisma when working together that is positively artistic to see. Their love for music exudes from every song. Their teamwork will set them apart and be a determiner for their success in the future. As seen in their video for their single “Not a Slatt.” 

Their sound is unique and unconventional, which makes sense given their musical influences are all over, referencing Future, Anita Baker, Old Dirty Bastard, Young Thug, Curren$y as some of their connections to music. MiddMann and Marcel While note their unusual sound and cadence as a reason for their musicality importance. 

“It can be described as very unorthodox, it’s just not normal for what your usual west coast artist would sound like,” Middmann said in a recent interview. “I’d say my different personalities are heard throughout my music.”

The whole EP is a must listen to, as each song dives deep into each person and their personas as they explore their victories, money, and New York. 

With top tracks, “Lost in New York,” “Cartier Flows,” and “Friday the 13th,” the EP is worth checking out. From the impressive beats filled with hard-hitting bass, fire lyrics, and a melodic cadence Middle East-EP is sure to get people talking. 

Stream MiddMann and Marcel White’s latest project, Middle East-EP, below!

Be sure to tap in with both Middmann and Marcel White on their social media. 

Instagram Middmann (@Middmann_) and Marcel (@Marcel.white).

Check out their latest project, MIDDLE EAST, below. 

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