Nell Burna Makes Waves In Newest Video “On The Low” Featuring Xanman 

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Nell Burna Makes Waves In Newest Video “On The Low” Featuring Xanman 

Nell Burna is an independent artist who is the definition of hard work and dedication. The upcoming musician sheds light on topics that are based on his life story and surroundings. His musical journey began at the age of 11 where knew from his childhood that music was his overall passion and he was destined to follow his dreams.

He states “I always wanted  to rap, I used to be on my karaoke radio my mom brought me before I was a teen, in my room rapping my lungs away.”

Nell Burna currently has around 20 unreleased songs and is working on more. In his most recent release, “On the Low” featuring heavy hitter MC Artist Xanman. The single is up 20 thousand views on YouTube right now and counting. There is no stopping Nell Burna and you can get to know more about him below!

Do you dance/choreograph? 

Nah I just lean against the wall and do the rocaway Literally LOL, that came to mind because my family member infrared from DMX Ruff Ryders was behind the scenes on that song and he co-wrote “All the way Up” by Fat Joe and Remy Ma.

Do you have any other special talents, such as acting? 

Yes, I can act for real, a lot of my friends and others always call me to act in scenes etc. I played like every sport growing up, I have championship rings and championship trophies all that! my other talent is dressing, fashion I love clothes, I can dress my ass off lol!

What impact are you looking to make with your music?

I want to make a name for myself and be able to inspire others and be blessed enough to give back and help other places that’s in need of help i want to build a learning center in my old neighborhood and overall help out others I’m a giving person.

In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

I don’t feel I’m better than another person but my hard work and motivation, when other sleeping I’m putting in the extra my time, my old coach always said “ it’s only take a few steps or seconds what makes a difference and I stand on that! My personality, and my sound, a lot of people in my city have a flow called the DMV flow which cranks but my sound is different.

What are you most known for? 

My style and delivery and networking being outside and staying active and not in a shell.

What would you like to do after music?

I would like to spend more time with the family, still be behind the scenes somehow. I can never, ever run away from music, and mainly help others as much as I can, you know !

Instagram: nellburna1         

YouTube Channel: NEllBURNA            


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