Natural Onyx Introduces Extraterrestrial Sound With New Album ‘Shades of Onyx, Vol. 1’

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Natural Onyx Introduces Extraterrestrial Sound With New Album ‘Shades of Onyx, Vol. 1’

Meet Natural Onyx, an independent talent from from Cincinnati, Ohio. With a sound that can be described as “90s meets the future,” Natural Onyx has very distinctive music that sets her apart from her peers. Her style of music is melodic, creative, and conscious — displaying the fact that she’s capable of adjusting and switching up her sound when needed.

Natural Onxy’s latest project, Shades of Onyx, Vol. 1, is a perfect representation of her craft. It’s one of her best works to-date and she’s not letting up any time soon. In fact, fresh off the relase of the album, Natural Onyx dropped a new single, called “Red Lighters,” which continues to capitalize off the momentum. Both of these recent releases set the tone for what Onyx is working on next (another project is expected to release this summer).

“The response to these recent releases have been ultimately amazing, almost reviving for my creative nature,” Natural Onyx said in a recent interview. “I’ve gotten so many supporters tell me how my music has really been helping them change their life and responses like that are just priceless. I am so thankful to everyone who vibe with me.”

Natural Onyx has a sound and presence within the music industry that’s easy to vibe to and listen to because of its extraterrestrial sound. Audiences can sit back and enjoy the creative harmonies that are within each track of the album. Standout songs include, “Chic Peas,” and “Stars.”

Shades Of Onyx is the first project that I can say I am truly proud of through and through, and it’s because I found parts of me I didn’t see before working on this project,” she continued. “I worked with some really dope producers and it was the first time I worked with people and a studio that I felt appreciated and understood my sound. Shout out to Kyle Otto of Transient Labs, Frank Moka, & Seven Sees.14.”

As far as what’s next for the singer, she does plan on releasing a project this summer.

“I’m finishing up a project for the summer which the title is TBA soon, and I am currently looking for new sounds for future projects as well.”

Until then, continue to stream Shades Of Onyx, Vol. 1, below.

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