Music Marketplace Artist Republik Paves the Path for the Independent Revolution

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Music Marketplace Artist Republik Paves the Path for the Independent Revolution

The ability to achieve success independent of a gatekeeper is more likely than ever before. For the first time in history, a massive number of music creators from across the globe are ditching traditional means of growth because they have realized that they no longer need a record label or a management firm to reach the audience that they want. This is how the creator economy is born as we see small business Founders and CEOs like Nick Cianfaglione ready to take on the $88B record label industry. Breaking the mold in 2020 with the debut of his pioneering indie music marketplace Artist Republik, Nick saw a void and filled it by offering artists the tools that they need to empower their skillsets. By introducing a decentralized marketing platform where artists can access a variety of industry tools, they have widened the opportunity funnel by equipping the creator economy with the means necessary for launching and maintaining a profitable career in music. It’s 85k+ user base now has access to everything from music distribution to blog promotion, mixing and mastering services, a soundstore for beats and so much more.

We sat down with Nick to talk more about what the Artist Republik platform has to offer.

1) What are some of the tools that Artist Republik has to offer indie artists? And why did you choose to highlight these particular tools?

We currently offer a full digital suite of tools for Artists, from production to distribution and even marketing resources. The reason we chose to build an entire suite of tools instead of just offering one is because for the past 20 years, artists have been stuck between a rock and a hard place; either signing their life away to a label or a manager to get every resource they need or trying to figure it out independently and end up having 100+ different subscriptions to multiple websites that all offer different things which also creates a scenario where artists have zero idea of which company to actually trust. By creating the first 360 independent platform for artists, we are able to enable artists to easily access any resource they need while also staying independent. It is the perfect combination of a major label and an independent music tech company. 

2) How can indie artists best take advantage of the platform to elevate their careers?

Explore all it has to offer! There is a lot to Artist Republik and many artists just look at it for one system or another. The true value of Artist Republik is by using every single system to its highest capabilities and in turn getting a massive amount of value while saving money and time. 

3) What are some of the benefits to staying independent? And what are some of the drawbacks?

I think the biggest benefit is creative control, if you get in a deal with the wrong person, no matter how good of an artist you are, that deal can destroy your entire career and life because at the end of the day a manager or firm can go find another artist and “put you on the shelf” where as you only have one career. On the other hand, one drawback is the confusion of doing it all on your own and that’s why a platform like ours is so vital for leading the independent revolution. 

4) How do you foresee Artist Republik impacting the music industry long term?

We are going to leave a lasting impact on the music industry through empowering artists to be their own team and stand on their own two feet without feeling like they cannot succeed unless they sign or take a deal. On the other hand, we are going to change the way that labels and firms work by creating a world that is equitable, data driven, and transparent. 

5) Is it free to sign up? Are there any fees involved? What are some of the logistical things artists should keep in mind when signing up?

Yes, the entire platform is a la carte, meaning it is free to sign up and then you can pick and choose which paid services you would like to utilize. 

6) Do you have any success stories of artists that have used the platform that you’d like to highlight?

We have a lot, two of our major tools (Featured X and Elite Reviews) have some of the largest independent artists in the music industry, all rallying around the brand and the independent success. In addition to that, in the past quarter of 2021 artists on Artist Republik who used our distribution service received over 9.3M streams across all streaming platforms and a good dozen of them have gone viral across social networks… all independently. 

7) What is in the Artist Republik arsenal for the remainder of 2021?

So much – Artist Republik is like one big house and we have only built the foundation. The systems and resources that we have in our vault are massive and are going to leave a lasting impact. I cannot say much more yet but it’s going to be a lot of game changers for independent artists.

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