Ebony Rice Drops Her Very Own Eyelash Line “Winx Collection by E”

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Ebony Rice Drops Her Very Own Eyelash Line “Winx Collection by E”

With innovative customer experiences and exceptional quality products Winx Collection by E strives to be the best when it comes to the lash and beauty industry. 

Meet Ebony Rice, entrepreneur, influencer, and innovator originally from Los Angeles, California who decided to take a leap of faith with only $400. Ebony Rice created Winx Collection by E to show women it is more than lashes, it’s a lifestyle. Although, she’s always had a passion for the beauty industry, she didn’t pursue her interest in beauty until late 2019.

She was determined to create lashes that were dramatic in just one strip, and that were comfortable enough for all day. Winx Collection by E includes Cruelty Free 3D Siberian Mink Lashes, the bands are cotton, so the lashes are light-weight, soft, and comfortable to wear, while being 100% cruelty free. She hopes that her business is known for its amazing quality and great customer service.

Ebony Rice wants to continue to push boundaries for young entrepreneurs when it comes to creating unique experiences for their audience. Ebony wants to empower and inspire other women to create their own lane and venture into entrepreneurship in the beauty industry.

What does the future hold for Winx Collection by E and Ebony Rice? The possibilities are endless. Glamour, quality, innovation and style are promises Winx Collection by E will always deliver on.

Go ahead, try a pair of Winx Collection lashes for yourself and step up your eye glam forever at www.Winxcollectionbye.com

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