Melanin Gaud Puts On For Her City

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Melanin Gaud Puts On For Her City

Melanin Gaud is an artist born and raised in San Diego but currently lives in Texas. When it comes to her artist name, she chose a name that would bring positivity into loving the skin you are in! As an artist who creates Hip-Hop music, her sound is something different. Not only does it make you feel, and it will also make you think which takes her music to the next level.

When asked what she enjoys the most about being an artist, Melanin Gaud responded “I enjoy making people feel good when they listen to my music, like getting messages about how they can relate or they felt alone before hearing my music.”

Melanin Gaud likes to draw inspiration from personal feelings, goals, aspirations, and social issues. Her favorite project thus far has been Her EP S.H.I.P. (Seeking Happiness In People.) This is her favorite project because it talks about real stuff that happens to real people. Not everybody can live the life rappers talk about, and for those who can’t relate, Melanin Gaud steps in. She is currently working on a couple of singles along with an album and you can check out her music on all streaming services!

Instagram: melanin.gaud

YouTube: Melanin Gaud

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