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Born, raised, and based in Chicago, Trxppy Almighty is a unique artist in many ways. His artist name encapsulates the essence of his artistry. He recalls that when he knew he wanted to establish himself as an artist, he knew that his artist name would be the most crucial aspect to this industry. He wanted to set himself apart from the crowd with his name since he noticed most of his peers shared commonalities amongst their names. 

He explains that,”years prior I’ve called myself Trxppy on instagram and xbox because I am an eccentric person and have a very psychedelic vibe, plus I was also a stoner so it fit me well. But then I wanted to add something else so Almighty came because I view myself very highly due to my faith and then it was like the vision came to life. I’m sure people had jokes and stuff when I initially coined the name but now it’s caught on and I’m becoming a household name.” 

At the current moment, Trxppy Almighty has been acquiring new fans day by day. This steady progress has become his source of inspiration. 

He says, “The strangers I’ve never even met are some of the most supportive and tell me wonderful things and career predictions. I’m still very slept on which is more of a good thing because I never began my journey to blow up overnight, I wouldn’t know what to do and how to maintain it and no one could truly relate to me.” 

He also hopes that he can reach his career goal of performing for bigger audiences! Almighty accounts that this level of support has fueled his motivation so that he can tackle the challenges of his music career journey. 

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