Meet Toker Coleone

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Meet Toker Coleone

Written By: Bella Rossi

Toker Coleone is an independent artist from San Diego who specializes in rap and R&B. He currently works a job in the car rental industry, but dreams of making it big with his music. He hasn’t spent much time in the music industry yet, but he’s already made enough memories to motivate him to keep going down his path. 

Toker writes all of his own music and has multiple singles out currently on YouTube, one of them being his most recent, “30 To Life”. He also has released a music video for another one of his singles which he says is his favorite, “Hocus Pocus”, that has gained almost 3,000 views during the past year. Some of the different producers and engineers that Toker has enjoyed collaborating with on past projects are 88thagang, RG, and Unknwnlabs. 

If he were to advise someone following in his footsteps, Toker would tell them to always be patient. “Sucess takes time,” he says. “Always have a backup plan.” 

Definitely don’t miss out on “30 To Life” and Toker’s other projects on Soundcloud and YouTube!

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