Meet the artist: Tragically Magic

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Meet the artist: Tragically Magic

Born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Tragically Magic creates his music for all of us to relate to by talking about his experiences throughout his life. Creating for the last couple of years now, he’s learned from every year about himself and how the industry works which has helped him through his journey in music. Right now, he is working on his Ep ‘The Path” with Draski Measures and has music available to listen to on his Youtube channel(channel linked down below!). From our recent interview with him, we learned about his life and his drive in the music industry.

Describe your genre/sound.

My style heavily relates to old-school style hip hop with a touch of modern-day rap. I’m very clear spoken with my lyrics which I’ve been told adds to the powerful effect my work has on the people listening. 

What are some of your favorite highlights/memories/accomplishments that you have from being in the industry? 

Starting last year, I really started making waves through radio. I was doing interviews left and right, usually 2 or more every week, being played in different countries. Just those conversations with DJs and relating to them, knowing I was being heard by several thousand with every word I said is a feeling I never can get enough of. The biggest highlight really has to be the magazine. Industry Certified: Special Artist Edition – TragicallyMagic; Invincible Misfortune. I never smiled that hard like when I saw myself on the cover like that in years. Autographing copies for people near non-stop for weeks made me realize it was only up from where I was. 

Do you write, produce, and engineer your own music? If you don’t, who do you collaborate with?

I write my own lyrics but the production and engineering I leave to professionals. Lexnour, G.A.Z. Beats to name a couple of producers I’ve worked with and MixedByMo and SSNStudios have engineered my recent tracks. 

Why should people listen to your music?

Unlike most artists, the music I create is meant to relate to the hard parts of your day and give you hope, and inspire you to keep going. Personally, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have doubts or has ever been through hard times that make them question the path they’re on. That’s exactly what the music I create is for, to help build confidence in what you’re doing now, encourage you to aim for more, show you that you’re not alone in the thoughts you have, and be a form of therapy if needed.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Do your research, learn the business side first before you really got to put yourself out there, but most importantly, never quit. The moment you’re about to give up is when you’re 1 step away from making it.

What is one message you would give to your fans? 

Whatever it is you dream of doing or being, you’re the only one that will decide whether you make it there, or fall short. It all depends on how much you want it and how hard you persevere. 

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