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Moodie B Trublz is an independent artist who’s been in the rapping game since 2008. He feels like this is just the beginning and with multiple eggs in his basket the time for them to hatch is near. His father is a Jazz musician and because of that, he attempted to learn a few different instruments. What inspired him was learning that an individual person is a living breathing instrument and that made him love creating melodies in his head.

His style of music ranges from all kinds of worlds and now he is all about bars and punchlines with melodic flows. That does not stop him from entering other genres as he calls himself the Bruce Lee of rap because he always stays formless. This fits perfectly with many of the artists he’s trying to collaborate with such as the artists on Dreamville and TDE. He writes all of his music and produces it on occasion. He works with producers like Arza Arzito, Ty On Da Track, Y2, The Official RAM, Kodactivity, Magone Got the Juice, Kato On Da Track, Epik da Dawn, LebanonDonBeats, Donato, D’Artizt, and Blumajic to name a few.

His goals for this year are to focus on promoting his four previous projects, creating multiple music videos for each song, and expanding his brand. By 2024, his top goal is to hop on somebody’s tour and be able to reach new fans as he steps onto a bigger platform. Touring is just the start, he wants his music to have placements on television and in films. Some of his best highlights being part of this industry are getting his music played on local Austin radio stations, winning an award for New Artist of the Year 2022, holding a number one song for a couple of months from a project from 2019, and being placed with a local Austin comedian who has a potential Netflix special coming out.

Even though he had his highs there have been moments where he has learned to have a balance when being in the industry, but his biggest advice is to stand out by being authentic to who you are. In total since 2009, he has dropped seven solo projects and two collaboration mixtapes. Currently, he is sitting on a plethora of unreleased tracks that he plans to release this year with a lot of local artists he has collaborated with. 


Instagram: @moodiebtrublz

Twitter: @moodiebtrublz

YouTube:  moodiebtrublz4685


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