Meet Isaiah Tilson, a diverse artist with a smooth sound!

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Meet Isaiah Tilson, a diverse artist with a smooth sound!

Isaiah Tilson, a diverse, talented artist born in Alaska and raised in Arizona, should be one of the top artists added to your playlist!. Influenced by Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz, R&B, and Rock, Isaiah Tilson has been taking on the music scene since 2017. At first, he was a rapper formerly named Izonist but then, expanded into becoming more of a multi-diverse artist with a mission for people to feel inspired through his music.

His recent project, “Candy Coated”, has a light jazzy, pop, and funk style to it, and the song makes you feel light and calm but also ready to dance to in your house on a lazy day. 

Check out the ‘sweet’ music video for “Candy Coated” down below.

We also had a recent interview with him to learn more about his art and his future goals:

Describe your genre/sound.

I don’t like to be put in a “box”, but the closest thing I can call it is being an Edged R&B Pop Crooner with HipHop influences. My music’s outcome is very dependent on the mood I’m looking to set for the atmosphere. I like to take into effect how a song would sound/look during a live performance, as performing is my favorite aspect of being an artist. I love to use props and leave my audience with more than just a show, it’s an experience.

What are some of your favorite highlights/memories/accomplishments that you have from being in the industry? 

I would definitely say my favorite memories/highlights I’ve made being in this industry is my meeting of so many incredibly talented individuals. From people who I’ve opened for or have opened up for me at a show, visual artists, photographers, MCs, etc. It’s a networking experience almost everywhere you go. I’ve made many friendships and have wonderful memories that I’ll never forget. 

How many singles, EPs, or albums have you released? Which one is your favorite? Why?

Currently, I have 1 Album called “Classed Up”, 4 cover singles, and 4 original singles released on all Streaming Services as Isaiah Tilson. My favorite song I have released is S.G.E, a song I wrote and created for my wife. 

I also have 2 full projects and 6 cover/original singles released as my previous artist name Izonist, still available on Youtube. 

Why should people listen to your music?

I like to make sure that anyone who listens to my music has many different moods and styles that they can choose to enjoy/listen to. I don’t want any of my songs to sound the same. I know as a listener of music from my favorite artists I am engaged by more variety.

What are you currently working on? Do you have any future projects or collaborations you can tease?

Right now I’m working on some concept EPs and full albums in the studio with the producer/engineer Jack London. Definitely new content is coming soon but I can’t reveal too much. Please stay tuned.

What is one message you would give to your fans? 

Much Love, Peace, and God Bless

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Don’t forget to check out his website “” to hear new music, find merch, where he’s playing next, and more!

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