Meet Fa$t Life

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Meet Fa$t Life

The Fa$t Life is the definition of a go-getter! The Los Angeles rapper who was born in Detroit, Michigan but raised in Pomona believes if you work hard, it will pay off! Of course, He didn’t get his stage name for no reason, Fa$t Life says, “I got that name from how quick I bounce back if I ever fall off.”  

Fa$t Life has been rapping since he was 9 years old and dropped his first single when he was 16. He says, “I write my own music but save the producing for the professionals!” Fa$t Life reveals his goal in music is to break through as an entertainer, accumulate a fan base, and to gain respect for his creativity. So far, the rapper has been pretty successful opening shows for Roddy Ricch, Juicy J, and G Perico. The success doesn’t stop there his last four music videos have a combined 70,000 views and counting!

Last month, Fa$t Life dropped an EP called, “Crime Report”. The EP has features from Darek Mobb, Doughsoofficial, and Hitman 50. The rapper describes his sound as turnt-up with a lot of rhythm. If you like trap- rap you’ll definitely want to give it a listen.

The independent artist tells us its miracle he is here today. During difficult times Fa$t Life says he would write books and raps to keep his mind going. Something you may not know about the rapper is that he is in the process of publishing his first book. One day he hopes to write, direct and produce movies. 

What’s in the works for Fa$t Life? He’s creating more music! He tells us the goal is to finish the year dropping new videos every month!

Tap in and Listen to “Crime Report”  Available on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. 

IG: fast_thamobster

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