Meet Em Savage: A Philly Go Getter

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Meet Em Savage: A Philly Go Getter

Em Savage is a 19-year-old independent artist who has been in the rap scene since the age of 14. After seeing his brother get incarcerated due to gun violence, Em Savage has seen the hurt that his family had to encounter. Following the unfortunate passing of his Pop-Pop it was hard for him to stay focused following the tragic loss.

He knew music was for him after he received a DM from PnB Rock letting him know he liked one of his songs and to keep killing it. Music is his passion and is another way he can express himself/get things off his chest. Em Savage has been through so much and feels that music is the only way he can get through the things he normally doesn’t talk about.

His goals are to expand his music career, keep creating opportunities for his family, and connect with fans and bring them in so they can understand him. He wants to change the world and the culture around him. His first mixtape “Invisible Thoughts” has received over 150k streams on and his second mixtape “A Story 2 U” has received nearly 400k streams. His current project “Invisible Thoughts 2,” was released last month. You can check out “Invisible Thoughts 2” on all platforms!

  • Instagram: EmSavageee
  • YouTube: Em Savage 
  • Twitter: EmSavage3
  • TikTok: Em Savage 

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  1. Ashley Rodriguez says:

    Great article on this rapper. From tragedies to blessings.

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