Meet Dufflebag Nate: Rising Artist From Kansas City, MO

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Meet Dufflebag Nate: Rising Artist From Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO rising artist Dufflebag Nate is really about his bag, a jack of all trades with his hands in music, real estate, and owning an entertainment company named Get Paid Entertainment. Hustling in music since 2017, Dufflebag Nate has garnered an organic fanbase thus far — collaborating with artists like Yella Beezy, Sauce Walka, DJ Chose, and many other notable creatives. It’s not often that hip-hop lovers get to meet fire artists from middle western states like Missouri, and Dufflebag Nate is the perfect introduction.

Stepping into the second quarter of the year on his grind with tunnel vision, the serial entrepreneur is ready for whatever. Dufflebag Nate recently released his most recent single “Definition of a Bag” just a month ago, amassing over 54,000 streams on Youtube alone. For those both new and familiar with Dufflebag Nate, “Definition of a Bag” is just an example of what is to come from Dufflebag Nate in 2022. Make sure to stream his newest single and visual “Definition of a Bag” below:

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