Meet Connecticut Native JAY $LY

On Air and TV Host

Meet Connecticut Native JAY $LY

Independent artist JAY $LY has loved music all of his life. The Connecticut artist generates music expressive clever and inspiring. As a musician, he enjoys the endless freedom of creativity. One goal he hopes to achieve within the next year is to create a name for himself and collab with more artists in his area by networking on social media. 

One of his biggest accomplishments thus far is his “Nightmare Freestyle” music video. It’s currently sitting at 15k views. JAY $LY is currently working on his project “Offshore,” After he releases that album, he is looking forward to his collaborations with Robbie Jay, GoGo, Danny Kayy, and F!NNY. Get to know JAY $LY below!

What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name from ?

A few friends from high school called me jay sly (sly is my middle name) and jay is short for Jaylen. 

What is YOUR genre?

Offshore Rap

Has it been a smooth road to get to where you are now in your career? Are there any obstacles you had to overcome?

It has not been a smooth road. One of the most recent obstacles was dealing with racism during the last music video I shot for “Nightmare Freestyle”

Aside from music do you have any side hobbies?

Playing/watching basketball. I love video games too. 

If you can pick any show or venue to headline which it be and why?

Coachella. One of the biggest festivals in the world.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently working on my new album “Offshore.” 12 songs. 

Word of advice to your younger self?

Do what you love, no matter what anyone’s opinion may be. 

Instagram: jayxway 

YouTube: JAY $LY

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