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Written By: Mylah Ellis

Born and raised in Virginia, Norfolk and Chesapeake to be exact, Deph Voice is an independent breakout hip-hop artist that has much to say. Experimenting with trap music and various tempos, Deph coins his style to fall under the Lofi category, where his sorrowful sound and opposition of positive psychology can shine through. 

Writing music for about 11 years and making music for only 6, Deph began officially by releasing music as instrumentals in 2018. Although still in the beginning stages of his craft, Deph has come a long way from his humble beginnings of learning production and basic music theory. Inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and many others, he describes his image as a “rebel without a cause”. 

Motivated by his own work ethic and dream, Deph Voice makes art based off of his own experiences and the role he plays in his own life. He mentions that his biggest accomplishments are his releases, finishing a project, collaborating with people in the music industry, and this interview.

Although it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Deph Voice due to money and not being able to fund his passion, he finds peace in taking time off from grinding to socialize with his two friends who have believed in him from the jump. Through being active in his community, Deph has been able to reach out to others that are making music just like him. 

Writing and producing his own music, he currently has 50 instrumentals, 6 singles, and 3 EPs, one of which with artist MattyBeats. His engineer, Dj Davis has aided in bringing his musical concepts to life. As of right now Deph Voice is working on 2 projects, one of which is produced by another artist and the other is a solo project of his own. Expected to be out by the end of this year and trying to put out 2 more, Deph Voice’s artistry is nothing to play with and nothing short of persistent. He also has written poetry. One of his poems, “If” describes a good man and was the first tattoo that he got. Creating is what Deph loves the most about his artistry as all of it is a process. 

Outside of music, he enjoys cooking, catching up on his shows/movies, and going out to bars once in a while. In the next few years, he hopes to open a studio or restaurant where he has his set up in his office and can support his community through his passions in music and culinary arts. 

He leaves readers with the advice that your dreams are worth chasing and your voice is worth hearing. He also advises readers that life is hard and to expect it to only get harder. Through hard work, dedication and persistence, they can get through and be successful.

Instagram: deph_voice

Twitter: DephV

YouTube: Deph Voice


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