Looking into the Future with Daytona Starsky

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Looking into the Future with Daytona Starsky

Let’s not beat around the bush — times are tough and things are changing fast. This might be one of the reasons so many of us are laser focused on the future. Pairing a Wanda Vision style aesthetic with incredibly catchy pop music, Daytona Starsky peers past the present with a dystopian-inspired debut album that you are going to love. “Reality Station” makes realistic predications about what our future days might look like and tackles some tough topics that we may have to prepare to confront. Pairing addictive pop music with sci-fi inspired lyrics, “Reality Station” takes us beyond our present ‘reality’ and instead, into a spacey soundscape that fans of apocalyptic-science fiction are going to love. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, we learn a lot about the young artist who is making major waves in the Brooklyn music scene.

Daytona is a Dutch born, Brooklyn adopted multidisciplinary artist with a genre-bending take on modern pop. Check out his album here along with the official video for his focus track “Movie Star”!

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