Listen to the Fine Creations of Dark Tune

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Listen to the Fine Creations of Dark Tune

Written By: Juniece Daniels

On that day someone called him “Dark Tune” and the name stuck with him ever since. He claimed it sounded dark and mysterious and having these attributes made it a great stage name. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, this anime fan is an independent artist who hopes to collaborate with artists like Isiah Rashad. How would he describe his genre of music? A fusion of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R&B. All inspired by everyday life experiences and other artists he listens to.

When it comes to creating these songs, it all starts at the keyboard. First, he makes Jazz melodies, then those same melodies are made into beats and R&B tracks. Being an artist has never been a glamorous job, but Dark Tune wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love the freedom of being an artist. There is no limit to how creative I can get with my music and the thing I hate the most is the expectation of people because sometimes I make the music for the man in the mirror.”

If he had to pick one favorite song he made, it would be “New Sound” since it describes the lifestyle he has now.

When asked why people should listen to his music: “People should listen to my music because it is very relatable and it can make you feel good with whatever mood you’re in.”

Luckily, Dark Tune has more music coming out soon. Currently, he is working on a mixtape called BGB Vol. 1 and an album called Read the Room. You can listen to his previous work on all streaming platforms.

Instagram: Dark_tunexxii

YouTube: Rod The Beat God

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