Listen: Ca$o Officially Releases ‘Colours’ EP

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Listen: Ca$o Officially Releases ‘Colours’ EP

Massachusetts artist Ca$o just dropped his highly anticipated EP Colours. The independent artist is showing off his storytelling skills and sharing his journey for audiences around the world to hear.

The 4-track EP takes an introspective look at Ca$o’s talents as an artist. The leading song “Cartiers,”is an upbeat, fast-paced track where the talented artist raps about the plans he has for the future of his career. He tells audiences the story of what it was like growing up, and how his upbringing has shaped who he is today. “You couldn’t even imagine/all of this sh-t that I been through/Took all this anger and turned it into passion,” he rapped.

“Bygones” is another standout track and is song number two on the EP. It was the first leading single and music video released ahead of the project. The song gave audiences a glimpse into what they could expect from the full-length project. According to a recent interview with Ca$o, “Bygones” is an “introspective, intentional track touching on the challenge of blocking out the external, negative vibes while trying to bring more people to the light when they are feeding on the darkness.”

The project continues with “Marcus Camby,” the third track on the EP. This track speaks to Ca$o being done with fake industry love.

Last but not least, he ends the EP with “Honesty,” giving audiences a refreshingly honest perspective about who he is and what he expects for the people around them — stating that he just wants people to be real and honest with him.

Listen to Ca$o’s EP Colours, which just dropped today and follow him on social media @markypicasso to keep up with his future releases.

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