Lil Whodiee: A Voice To Remember

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Lil Whodiee: A Voice To Remember

Written By: Jessica Oh

Lil Whodiee was a passionate, hardworking musician who loved his family. He grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, but he moved to Las Vegas shortly after starting his music career. He called his style of Hip Hop “Struggle Rap” where he wrote songs that were inspired by the pain in life. Whodiee wrote, produced, and engineered his own music, and he has released around 11 singles. Besides his love for music, Whodiee was also a beloved father to his son.

Lil Whodiee, unfortunately, passed away, but his music will still be listened to and loved. His legacy will carry on through his unique sound, and he will continue to touch our hearts with his music. Learn more about Lil Whodiee below!

What are some of your favorite highlights/memories/accomplishments that you have from being in the industry? 

My favorite memories are when I perform my art and everyone knows the lyrics word for word. 

Has it been a smooth road to get to where you are now in your career? Are there any obstacles you had to overcome? 

No, it wasn’t a smooth road, I had to make real-life decisions, cut people off, find myself, I was homeless not too long ago, I had no money to my name, I been shot at, and left mom’s house at 16.

What community events have you contributed in and why is giving back to the community important to you?

I have been in plenty of community events, giving back to the community is legendary, a must, and I want to open a homeless shelter one day. 

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I’m here to stay, keep grindin, and if you believe you can achieve. 

Instagram: lilwhodiee

YouTube: lil whodiee

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