KJInDaBuilding Back With Visuals for “Rackz Got Me (freestyle)”

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KJInDaBuilding Back With Visuals for “Rackz Got Me (freestyle)”

Upcoming DMV artist KJInDaBuilding is working hard and smart in this new year, recently releasing his new single and visual called “Rackz Got Me (freestyle).” KJInDaBuilding has amassed close to 3,000 views for “Rackz Got Me (freestyle)” via YouTube, proudly and organically building his fanbase. Music has always been a passion for the PG County, MD native, and his creativity and growth can be heard in “Rackz Got Me (freestyle)” very clearly. With his foot consistently on the gas, KJInDaBuilding is ready for anything that comes with his journey to being a big professional recording artist.

Earlier on this month, KJInDaBuilding also released another single and visual called “Peace Y’all” ft. J.lyle, which is also a refreshing listen. KJInDaBuilding is undeniably stepping on toes with his consistency, and his fanbase is constantly in expansion. For those newly introduced to KJInDaBuilding, “Rackz Got Me (Freestyle)” is a good first impression. Make sure to stream the official video below:

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